Mit dem Flieger in den Süden

| November 2nd, 2012

Yeah! Urlaub!

Die Zeit des Ackerns und der Überstunden hat nun ein Ende – ich flieg in den Urlaub =)

Hab ein Top Last Minute Schnäppchen bekommen. Erst nehme ich den Flug Berlin München. Von Dort gehts direkt nonstop nach Fuerteventura Costa Calma. Dort werd ich mal so richtgig die Seele baumeln lassen und an euch denken, wie ihr bei der Arbeit schwitzt. Sorry – ihr schwitzt ja gar nicht; ihr friehrt euch die Nase ab. ;)

Ich werde zusehen, dass ich ein paar gescheite Bilder schieße. Aber erst am Ende des Urlaubs. Dann bin ich schön braun. Letztes mal war das nicht so mit dem braun werden. Da bn ich am ersten Tag am Strand eingepennt und konnte die nächsten 3 Tage wegen meinem Sonnenbrand nur im Hotelzimmer bleiben. Mann war da scheiße. Aber ich werde mich dieses mal ordentlich eincremen lassen.

14, never waste one minute and one second of yours, think of any person who you do not likes.
15, the love is not the charities, can’t give alms at will. Emotion to have formula, have principle, can follow while being unreasonable. But people are still persistent and pursuing till death.
16, the person who creates the chance is brave persons. The person who waits for the chance is the foolish one.
17, can say that can not do it, it is not the real intelligence. 18 – more than go, listen attentively to how say, need anxious to express your own view others diligently.
19, the same bottle, why do you want to put poison? The same psychology, why do you want to be full of worried?
20, thing that can not get, we will think all the time he was beautifulling, that is because you understand him too little, have no time to get along with him together. One day, after you understand in depth, you will find it is not you that want as what was hit to be beautiful originally.
21, this world is smooth and evasive, there is not a satisfactory one.
22, person not having a bath, it can not be fragrant to wipe the perfume hard. The reputation and honourable, come from genuine talent. There is Germany fragrant naturally
23, none never person that slander, forever people that highly praise none too in the world. In your many sentences time, others want to criticize you, in your words few time, others want to criticize you, as you silent a when Shen, others want to criticize you. In this world, none is not criticized.
T24, the heart is the oldest cheat, others can deceive you for the moment, but it will deceive you all one’s life
25 Year Plan Period, when you catch a thing and is not set free in hand, you can only have this thing, if you are willing to let go, you will have an opportunity to choose other things. Heart of people if death hold one’s own idea, unwilling to put down, intelligence of him can only become a certain then.
26, if you prepare marriage, would tell you a sentence of very important philosophy famous sayings ‘ you must stand the shortcoming which forgive the other side, there is not a absolutely happy and satisfactory marriage in the world, the happiness is coming from the limitless tolerance with respecting each other.
27. when you will begin life tomorrow, someone will dispute with you, you let him win, this is won and followed and is defeated by, are all only ideas of the characters. As you let the other side win, you do not have loss anything. The so-called one is won, what does he win to? What is got? The so-called one fails, what do you fail to again? What is lost?
28, the world does not originally belong to you, so you needn’t abandon, it was all perseverance that should abandoned. Everything is all used by me, but not under me.
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Practise Buddhism or Taoism in soul
December 4th, 2009 | testshow01

Mend the soup and practise Buddhism or Taoism in soul

1, the person is in pain, lie in pursuing the wrong thing
2, would rather say one’s own training than say it is your agony that others let it is not enough.
Touching story
3, if you do not give oneself is worried, worried that others can not give to you forever either. Because your own heart, you can not put down.
4, actually this world was painful, there is no an exceptional one.
5 when you know confuse, not pitiful, when you do not know confuse, it is the most pitiful.
6 wildly arrogant persons can be cured, the person feeling self-humiliation has not rescued.
7, you don’t be discontented with the household, you should be examining oneself all the time. Discontented with others, has made yourself bitter.
8, you should forgive the person different from you of those opinions, day is better in this way. If you have been wanting to change him all the time, you will be very in pain like that. Learn how to stand him. You should learn how to forgive him.
9, filling one’s own view and person of the idea with in the heart, can’t hear others’ heartfelt wishes forever.
10, when you advise others, if does not take others’ self-esteem into account, so even better speech is useless.
11, don’t be mixed with in your intelligence arrogant. Don’t make your modest heart lack intelligence
12, do not go later and see who the person who curses you is at all? If a mad dog bites you, do you want to lie prone down to trump up a countercharge against him?
13, jealous of others will not add any advantages to oneself. Jealous of others, can not reduce others’ achievement either.
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A scene of deciduous helplessness
June 1st, 2009 | testshow01

A scene of deciduous helplessness
The leaf is known, the leaf clear, a loud tree needs a lot of leaves to support aboves, so has on the side of the tree after the leaf has been kept quietly all the time;

Looking at the countless leaves by trunks, looking at trees happily and the leaves play, the leaf is looked at quietly;

The leaf is remembering; “The past tree, I gathered around so as having them too, the past tree, have too played in playing with me too by seeing looking at me in expression in one’s eyes such as them, the tree of today, seldom look at me, the tree of today is being busy for that green leaf appearing newly, playing, the tree of today can not remember again he loved this slice in the past deeply, love his leaf deeply too? “The leaf bows the head helplessly.

Suddenly one day, had not seen on the body that the leaf was found the one side of something was green,fashionlife99 the leaf is known, that because has never recently got care and care of the tree, has let the wind blow the rain and take a taxi seeing the one side of something is green, a green and lush one other leaves hiding under the tree waist at will, the leaf cries for sadly, cry and cry straight straight

Woke up until the morning of the next day; The tree that the leaf has fumbled while sleeping, the helpless one sheds the tears again; A gust of wind blow, have, whom leaf make great efforts stress tree, pay special attention to, wake up tree, pay special attention to, ache tree too, why if the tree is very angry to want to say you? The leaf is regained and cried for the face, the smiling one facing toward trees and says; ” My dear, I will leave, please take care of yourself. ”

The tree is said with a smile greatly; ” Hen! You want to go, right? Go and leave, don’t come back after leaving. ” The leaf thought the tree is being spoken the words said in a fit of rage. Another wind Chen blow, have, leaf think tree can hold she, so the leaf hold trees, unclamp hand, tree does not hold she, go back excessive to think leaf either, in this way, the leaf let the wind take away

In fact the leaving of the leaf, hope to see the urging to stay of the tree, it’s a pity the tree was not treasured, the tree thinks leaves will be left will come back too quickly, it’s a pity he is wrong, the leaf can not go back again, the leaf can’t come back to tree’s side again, the leaf of few hearts let the wind take away gently, walk farther and farther, can not come back again.

Until one day, wind move, take leaf to side of tree unreasoning passion of leaf, leaf watch tree, hope tree can give first of it embrace, it’s a pity the tree has not recognized leaf, leaf watch tree, wait for tree can give first of her embrace quietly too quietly, quietly when for a long time for a long time Until one day, it forgot the leaf for a long time after the tree recognized this slice at last, tree for that time seem, understand anything, tree gentle expression in one’s eyes watch this leaf very with a, the loud hands which is explain, produce it want to embrace, answer these soon withered leaf by its body, the ones that let it imagine and is less than are; One unexpected leaves turn round, has broken to pieces

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the flower of Chinese scholartree
June 1st, 2009 | testshow01

Recall the drifting fragrance of the flower of Chinese scholartree
It is cool and cool, moist and moist, the strong fragrance is fragrant, secrete people’s heart, that is fragrance of flowers of Chinese scholartree of the hometown
In spring, the village in the North, a spring rain, the Chinese scholartree sprouts out the branch and leaf, it is green to change, become new. In dim green purpose, jumped out a piece of white point suddenly, clean and net, bright purely, dip in full to reveal morning, getting green light cloud flash sparkling and crystal-clear. Then, fall over each other to rise from a lot of white buds, like the brilliant and bright pearl, like the transparent jasper; Gradually, the pearl emits the splendor, the jasper vomits the silver brightness, see, pout pouting, every bunch, round and round, one cluster, such as the powder such as silver such as snow such as fog such as yarn such as the butterfly, such as the cigarette, many, such as carving, such as dyeing, converge into the colored mountain flower sea. Then, have woken up, has appeared in one fragrant world in green dream.
I live in such a world. fashionlife99
Mother say that one spring with a smile, Chinese scholartree of hometown turn on until when hold. The grandmother grins from ear to ear, father is so happy as to jump Lao Gao quickly, pluck the next bunch of flowers of Chinese scholartree conveniently, put oneself into the room and tease me. It is probably that time, I smell the fragrance of flowers of the Chinese scholartree for the first time.
At moonlight night in April, left the brightest memory when I am young. The sky is cloudless, blue jade-like stone is lustrous and transparent and farsighted, the moon looks like a late charm young girl, meet the eye on every side clear light of my darling faint, spill, come down, full institute that appear shining sparkling and crystal-clear silk form a cluster very she, Chinese scholartree fill with to the juice sheds moon at the petal, the congealed fat of the moon, the delicate fragrance spent fills the air in the air, the moon is warm, let people carry away and yearn for. At this moment, I sit Chinese scholartree into courtyard, lie on arms of mother, like, listen to mother say Chang’e go straight moon, wolf grandmother, fairy tale of Anderson I look at the star moon from the tip of a branch of the Chinese scholartree opening eyes wide, in the small and pitch-dark eyes, reflect the watery moonlight. Fragrant full daytime such as flower of Chinese scholartree, sweet night completely too.
The Chinese scholartree is long, I am long too, the flower of Chinese scholartree has been fragrant eight times, I have gone to school. I study in green leaves, I hum in the fragrance of flowers, I play under the tree, leave me green memory after a little while, clean dream.
The Chinese scholartree in the hometown is long and thick, has grown tall, I grow into the strong young man too, the study is repaired fully in a few years unwittingly, have the honor to work. I got married and got married too after passing for two years again. In recent years, parents are advanced in years, the health has difficulty getting about, I put old man through to and live in in the city.
It was graceful that what I like carefully every year savoured this flower of Chinese scholartree, on the occasion of the drifting fragrance season of Chinese scholartree, we have gone back. Step into the village, like coming into the Fairyland, I feel comfortable comfortable air, people are drawing the state of being middling. That big and small village, even in the field, both sides of the road, the bank of river embankment, the Chinese scholartree spreads all over the place, it is without cease to zigzag; Chinese scholartrees are slim and graceful, the bunches of flowers of Chinese scholartree soak the heart fragrantly; The bird chirps to rotate at the end of the branch, the bee dances in the flower one; Under the nice and warm sunshine, field, water, flower, grass, tree combine together, turn into the transparent and bright emerald; See men and women’s cultivation of field, cattle and sheep graze in the field happily, village women hold the long pole and pluck the flower of Chinese scholartree occasionally. I have got drunk, seem to have a taste of the poetic and pictorial splendor of this colored township for the first time. The country-fellow likes the Chinese scholartree, praise Chinese scholartree, plants the Chinese scholartree. Chinese scholartree indicate bright tomorrow remote, bear the weight of the separation and reunion in this world too. It is said, our county all move from big Chinese scholartree of Shanxi out. When drinking water, think of its source, look at the feeling of thinking of the Chinese scholartree, I remember ” ask me where the ancestor will come, big Chinese scholartree of Hongdong of Shanxi “. Ancestor what hometown ask, the big Chinese scholartree puts crow’s nest. ” This folk rhyme spreading for several hundred years.
Nowadays, I live in the alien land very well, however, have not forgotten the native land all the time, have not forgotten the Chinese scholartrees of the hometown.
The flower of Chinese scholartree in the hometown is fragrant, the people in the hometown kiss